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3 Must-Haves For DIY Entertainment System Set-Up

If you’re looking to set up a home theater or even just a newer, nicer television than the one you had before, you might be aiming to tackle the entire project yourself. Setting up audio and visual equipment can be a bigger undertaking, but it’s definitely not impossible. Before you get started, there’s going to be a few essential yet often overlooked odds and ends that you’ll need to stock up on. These items will make your audio-visual DIY project go far more smoothly and save you a few last-minute trips to the hardware store.

Low Voltage Brackets

Low voltage mounting brackets are hugely important any time you’re working with setting up electronics in your home. Specifically, be on the lookout for UL listed low voltage mounting brackets when you can find them. You’ll be glad to have them available once you’ve started hooking up your electronics, and they’re great for audio visual needs.

HDMI Plates

Nowadays, electronics that can’t be connected via Bluetooth or other wireless technology rely on HDMI cables to relay information. However, having a bunch of cables cluttering up your walls and floors isn’t a good look for any entertainment system. When most Category 5 cables can be bent at any radius exceeding approximately four times the outside diameter of the cable, it can get confusing trying to keep track of which cable leads to what device. Instead, look for HDMI wall plates that allow you to connect your devices more easily and with less cable clutter taking up valuable space.

Electrical Components

There are few things more irritating during a DIY project than running out of components right towards the end of your project. While generally, this applies more so to screws, nails, and other small bits, there’s another element you’ll need to consider when setting up your audiovisual equipment: electrical components. Any time you’re dealing with wiring and electrical elements, you’ll want to keep extra wires and related items on hand. You don’t want to leave any sort of electrical elements exposed while you run to the hardware store, so be sure to stock up on what you need before you start.

Audiovisual set up can be tricky to do yourself, but with the right equipment and components in stock, you’ll have your home theater set up in no time. For more information or to browse wall plates, cables, and more, contact Buyer’s Point today.

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