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3 Smart Ways to Conceal Speaker Wire

Lots of homeowners use an array of speakers and sound systems for personal enjoyment. Some families build home theaters, while others want the next-best set up in their living room. Music enthusiasts may also have several speakers around their home.

Though speakers are great, they can be a bit unsightly. In a home theater, each speaker generally requires two connections. If you’re hoping for surround sound with five speakers, you’ll have to deal with at least ten cables! A few speakers can quickly become a tangled mess of wires.

Luckily, there are some clever ways homeowners can manage wires to create a more attractive and trip-free environment. Try the following tricks to keep speaker wire out of sight and out of the way:

Speaker Wall Plates

Speaker wall plates provide the hookups necessary to keep wires attached neatly and properly. These wall receptacles work much like phone jacks or Ethernet ports by providing a wall-based connection. A network of wires on the other side of your speaker wall plates connect the sound components to the audio source. This method is ideal for home theaters because it is more permanent, and allows speakers to be located around a room while electronic accessories remain hidden in the wall.

Well-Placed Carpeting

If you don’t have a way to install speaker wall plates, area rugs can also hide electrical components. Generally, a thick and fluffy carpet conceals wires best. You can run wires along the edge of a wall, and then tuck them under the area rug or carpet against the wall’s perimeter. Alternatively, you can lay wires horizontally across the space, and place the rug on top. You’ll probably still feel the cables under bare feet, but they will be far less noticeable.


Wall decor and lights can be handy tools for concealing speaker wire. Chair rail is a type of decorative molding that circles a room about two feet from the ground, and some styles allow space for speaker wires underneath. If your space will be used for entertaining, string lights can also conceal wires and create fun ambiance. Bind speaker wire and string lights together with twist ties then lay, or hang, lights around the room, ensuring that the speaker wire connects back to the audio source.

According to Pew Research, 9 out of 10 U.S. adults use the internet, and many use the internet to enjoy music and videos. Surround sound speakers can take your internet listening and viewing experience to the next level. Unfortunately, surround sound speaker wires aren’t always attractive. Use these tips to conceal speaker wire for a great audio system, and a beautiful space!