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How to Design Around HDMI Coax Wall Plates in Modern Hotel Rooms

There was a time when wall plates were just used for coaxial cables, telephone cords,and Ethernet cords. That time is long gone and almost forgotten. Today, HDMI Coax wall plates are used for just about every kind of cable, particularly HDMI Cables that run through every hotel room feeding into the TV, surround sound system and any other HDMI-enabled device the hotel visitors might have with them.

HDMI Wall Plate
Single Port HDMI Coax Wall Plates

Why Having an HDMI Wall Plate Installed Makes Sense

It is true that you could simply punch a hole in the wall and let all the wires run through that place instead. While these wires, depending on how they are installed, will still serve the very purpose for which they were invented, there is something to be said about aesthetics and safety.

Hotel rooms are supposed to be places that represent both professionalism and comfort. The best hotels in the world are considered cozier than almost every home out there. It is therefore paramount that every visitor feels safe, comfortable and impressed with their surroundings.

HDMI Coax Wall Plates for Hotel Rooms
HDMI Coax Wall Plates in Modern Hotel Rooms

Loosely hanging HDMI cables that jut from the wall will not give that impression at all. Here are some reasons why you should have HDMI Coax wall plates installed in your hotel rooms:

  • They help with tidiness: Without the right kind of HDMI wall plates, the hotel room HDMI cables will be hanging untidily from the walls,and this will make it difficult to use them in any meaningful way. With a well-designed and installed HDMI wall plate, instead of long untidy cables, your guests will find shorter, more well-placed wires that lead directly to their devices. This gives the hotel room a neater and more professional look.
  • They help improve hotel interior decor: Although HDMI Coax wall plates might seem like a minor addition to all that is included in a 5-star hotel room, without them the interior decor will simply look incomplete. They make the walls look neat, well-planned and expertly designed.
  • They provide your guests a wide range of choices: HDMI wall plates can be used for a number of different reasons. This is especially true if you install HDMI wall plates that have dual portsand many different options. Whether the guests want to watch TV, play a video game or listen to surround sound, they can get all these services and run HDMI cables through one station in the wall. This is extremely convenient.
  • They promote safety in the room: The more devices your guests have in the hotel room, the more likely they are to have wires crisscrossing on the floor. Thisdoes not only posea tripping hazard, but it could also be an electrical hazard should they pull the wires Having all these wires bunched up and distributed from one station will leave the floors clear of loosely hanging cables and make it safer for your guests.

Another huge advantage of having HDMI Coax wall plates installed is that most of them now support the most recent, state-of-the-art versions of HDMI. This means that having them installed in your hotel rooms practically future proofs your business and keeps your hotel rooms ready for any new HDMI devices that might hit the market in the years to come.

Tips on how to design around HDMI coax wall plates in modern hotel rooms

There are several things you need to ask yourself if you are going to install the best and most practical type of HDMI Wall plates in your modern hotel room. These include:

Single or Dual Port HDMI Wall Plate?

While it is perfectly fine to go with a single port wall plate, prudent and smart interior design dictates that you should choose dual port plates.Your visitors can get more out of one station as opposed to plugging their devices to different points on the wall.

Another thing you should think about in this scenario is that every HDTV you buy today comes with more than one HDMI port. There is no point in running two cables from different sources to the same TV.

In case you find that dual port HDMI Coax wall plates just aren’t enough for you, then having an HDMI Switch installed would be a better idea as it gives your guests more HDMI sources.

Dual Port HDMI Wall Plate
Dual Port HDMI Wall Plate Installed in all the Right Places

Find the Right Spot on the Wall

Any interior designer who is good at their job will tell you that you need to have the right HDMI wall plate installed in all the right places on the wall. The idea is to have them blend into the decor,so they do not stand out like a sore thumb.

Make Sure the Wires Run Through the Wall

This should come as a given,but it is not unheard of for hotel owners to have wires running along the walls or around the corners on the floor. Even if the wires are duct taped together to keep them in one neat pile, it still gives the room an unprofessional and incomplete look. Ensure that your HDMI cables all run inside the wall and only jut out at the designated HDMI wall plate port.

It is advisable to have the same set-up in all your hotel rooms for uniformity, but that does not mean that you cannot vary them a bit as you deem fit. Wall plates come in varied sizes, from 1-gang, 2-gang all the way to 4.

You will also need mounting brackets that blend into the wall as well. This is to ensure that you do not do all this work only to have your cables hanging from crumbling drywall that will form cracks around the plate.

When it comes to HDMI Coax wall plates, there are very many different options and styles. You can even have your wall plates custom made to fit your specific style and taste. For the right touch and right look, Buyer’s Point has all the options you will need when it comes to HDMI wall plates. We even have professionals who will help advise you on the best way to have them installed in your modern hotel rooms.