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Eyesore No More: Five Ways to Neaten Your Entertainment Center

These days, a T.V. stand is more than a T.V. stand. Those old, small tables have evolved into entire cupboards dedicated to entertainment equipment, including Blu-ray players, cable boxes, gaming systems, and stereos.

With all of those appliances and systems comes a mess of cables, discs, and remotes. It can be hard to keep an entertainment center neat with all of that junk. Use the following tricks and tips to turn your T.V. center from an eyesore to an organized and functional entertainment space:
<li><strong>Clean and Dust</strong><br>
You may think the dust covering your T.V. area stems from your avoidance of looking at (or cleaning) the tangled mess, but there is actually another cause of its griminess– T.V. equipment creates static electricity. In other words, your entertainment stand is literally a dust magnet! Using a microfiber towel to wipe down screens, shelves, and boxes is a good first step towards a better-looking entertainment center.
<li><strong>Detangle Your Cables</strong><br>
Though you may be dreading the task, unplugging and untangling all of your cables is essential to reorganizing your T.V. center. Be careful to take note of which cord attaches to which component. After freeing all of the cables, wipe them clean and reattach to electrical components in a logical way. Use cable ties to bundle like cables together. You can even label cables for future reference.
<li><strong>Hide your Cables</strong><br>
Even if your cables are no longer in a heaped knot beneath your television, they can still be unsightly. Look into different methods for hiding and neatening your wires and power strip. Consider brush wall plates or other recessed cable wall plates for a more polished appearance– brush wall plates and other wall plates look like an outlet where cables enter from the wall into the room and are much neater than a jumble of cables on the floor.
<li><strong>Adopt an Organizing Scheme for Discs and Remotes</strong><br>
Many entertainment cabinets and shelves now come with drawers and small cupboards specifically for storing games, movies, and controllers. If your furniture is lacking storage, look for a small basket or box you can keep right next to your system for quick cleanup and storage. Good organization will not only help the area’s appearance, but it can also protect your games and remotes from damage.
<li><strong>Don’t Forget the Computer</strong><br>
T.V. stands are no longer the only source of you tech disorganization– nine out of ten American adults now use the internet, which means that disorganized computer desks joined entertainment centers as the top in-home eyesores. Just as with your T.V. center, be sure to wipe away your computer’s dust, organize its games, and use clever computer accessories like brush wall plates to hide those unsightly cables.

We all know the nightmare of tangled cables. Use these tips to keep your entertainment and tech areas clean and attractive for a more beautiful and functional living space.