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How Color TV Changed The Way America Viewed The World

These days, American life is inundated with television. From streaming sites like Netflix that encourage you to binge watch a 12 episode show in a single day to cable packages that offer hundreds of channels, all of our audio visual needs are taken care of. In fact, it’s been statistically proven that one-third of churches play video clips during service. The only thing we’re required to do is sit back and enjoy.


Given how used to instant gratification we all are, it can be hard to remind ourselves — especially the younger generations — that even color TV is a recent development. Sure, now we have virtual reality gaming systems and movies for every conceivable genre, but the true shift toward this technologically-based era began with color TV.


In The Beginning, There Was Black And White

When the first color television was introduced in the 1950s, it had more to do with politics than luxury. Vice President Richard Nixon is famously known for comparing our technological advances with that of Russia’s to Soviet Premier Nikita Kruschev in 1959:


“There are some instances where you may be ahead of us, for example, in the development of the thrusts of your rockets for the investigation of outer space,” he said. “There are some instances, for example color television, where we’re ahead of you.”


Though many homes possessed the traditional black and white TV sets, it wasn’t long before advertising firms took over. Color television promised to deliver an ideal consumer vision: “a way of seeing the world (and all of its brightly hued goods) in a spectacular form of ‘living color.'” Network executives, advertising companies, inventors, and television manufacturers all promoted color technology as a way to experience the liveness and immediacy of life in the comfort of your own home; suddenly, viewers were given an expansive and revelatory view of the world they’d never possessed before.


The Road So Far

Those poetic sentiments are lost on today’s generations, but the power of technology has not failed to impress. Now, you can find any number of electronic accessories (such as HDMI cable wall plates, surround sound systems, and mounting equipment) to ensure that your viewing experience is as immersive and comfortable as possible. Television might not be politically motivated anymore, but one thing is for sure: any advancements to television’s electronic accessories or electrical components is sure to spur the public into a buying mood.

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