Buyer’s Point Brush Wall Plate, Decora Style, ((10 Pack) White)

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  • Single brush wall plate allows you to quickly, safely and easily create clean cable access from any wall in your home directly to your source.

  • Perfect for HDTV cables and home theater installations, this single wall plate outlet cover allows you to enjoy your HD programming without ugly cables running through the house.

  • This gang cable access strap works perfectly with HDMI cables, coax cables, audio speaker wires, internet, phone and network cables and more.

  • Installs in just minutes! Insert the brush into the outer casing and place on the wall - four standard screws later and you’re ready to run cables neatly through the wall.

  • Most light switch plates are already a white/ivory color - this socket plate allows you to match up all the wall plates in your home for consistent decor throughout.


Availability: In stock

“Brush Wall Plate blends in and makes it easy to neatly run cables & wires through the wall”

Cables & Wires Don’t Need to Cause a Mess

It’s now possible to keep your home looking clean and tidy, without cables running everywhere - but still enjoy a top notch HDTV or home theater system. With your new brush wall plate insert, you can quickly and easily run all cables through the wall without making a mess.

Works With All Cable Types

Run HDTV cables including HDMI, coax cables, all audio/visual wires, phone, internet, or other networks cables easily through this single brush outlet cover. Whether you’re setting up an HDTV or a complete home theater system, this discreet cable access port has got you covered.

Matches Your Home Decor

This cable access strap is white/ivory to coordinate with the existing color scheme of most homes. Light switch and socket plates are generally the same color, so your gang cable plate will blend in perfectly.

Easy to Install

The brush wall plate is as easy to install as any regular socket wall plate - all you need is a standard screwdriver. Simply affix the brush insert to the outer casing, screw in the four screws and you’re good to go!

Don’t wait to order the brush wall plates you need today! Click “Add to Cart” now to have your brand new white brush wall plate insert rushed directly to your door!

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 6 x 5 x 3 in



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Will the brushed insert support the width of a three prong power cord and what is the size of the brushed insert?

The opening is approx. 3 inches x 1.5 inches. It will not allow you to pass a standard NEMA 15P through the opening.

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