Dual Gang Brush Wall Plate White Built in Low Voltage Mounting Bracket for Cables Pass Through (White) (5 Pack)


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  • Compact Cable Pass Through Wall Plate. The Large Cut White Brush Wall Plate is an upgrade design for concealing low voltage cables including HDMI, coaxial, Aux, speaker wires, networking cable and so on.

  • Built in Low Voltage Bracket Mounting. The Mounting Bracket is integrated with the back of the Brush Wall Plates, simple locked and tightened against the drywall.

  • 2-Gang Wall Plate. Standard 2 gang low voltage wall plate, 2 pieces type with firmly installed brush for dustproofing.

  • Cut-out Template Included. A 2 Gang sized cutting template provided for easy positioning & cutting, to avoid cutting errors while installing.

  • Single pack of 2 gang wall plate, brush type Passthrough Low Voltage Cable Plate, template card included.

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Buyer’s Point 2 Gang Brush Wall Plate is a perfect low voltage cable cords organizer. Intended Use: When you might not be satisfied with your mess installed cables, you can choose this cable wall plate pass through, renovate your cables installation including HDMI, TV cables, Aux, Speaker wires, patch cords. Don’t wait to make a complete change for your house. Updated Version : The 2 Gang Cable Wall Plate has Large Cut hole with Brush, Safer and more convenient ! Easy Installation, Simple Steps No matter you are a handy man or not, it only takes simple steps to install the Low Voltage wall plate. What’s better, we provide a cutting template for your positioning & cutting job without errors. 1) Positioning, Tracing and Cutting with the cut-out template on drywall. 2) Let the cables pass through the Low voltage wall plate and then hide them in drywall. 3) Lock and tighten the wall mount bracket against the drywall. Then you can connected the cables to your applications. Product Specification Frame Dimension: 2 Gang, Cable Pass Through Dimensions: 3.3”* 2.24”

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5 Pack

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