Low Voltage Mounting Bracket Device (1 Gang, 10 Pack)

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  • New Model: No more gaps, Wall Plates Mount Flush Against Wall

  • Easy to install, for mounting low voltage wires(phone, internet, TV, video)

  • Drywall Horizontal or vertical mounting

  • 10-pack of Low Voltage Mounting Brackets

  • Adjusts to fit various wall thickness, the bracket wings secure when mounting screws are tightened


Availability: In stock

Discreet Single Gang Drywall Mounting Bracket sets up quickly to allow for neat, safe and convenient cable access.

New Design - No More Gaps

No more worries of gaps between the drywall and wall plate, unlike other Brands or Older Models, this new model gets rid of the issue that would sometimes cause a gap after the installation.

Save time with an easier install

Buyer's Point Low Voltage Mounting Brackets are the time and money-saving solution for faster and easier mounting of computer and cable TV wiring.

Don’t wait to order the best Single Gang Mounting Bracket on the market today! Click Add to Cart now to have your brand new bracket rushed directly to your door!

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 6 in



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What are the product dimensions?

The product is 6x6x6

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