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4 Benefits Of Recessed Low Voltage Cable Wall Plates

Your cable wall outlet is usually an F connector faceplate that’s mounted on the wall. Usually, your wall plate is either be white, ivory, or brown. A coaxial jumper cable is attached between the wall outlet and the coax input connector on the back of the cable box.

Cables are connected and run on the interior of the wall, typically to a wall plate in another location. Wall plates easily hide your cables so you don’t need to worry about them clashing with your decor.

One type of wall plate that many folks have been happy with is the recessed low voltage cable wall plate. But what does the recessed low voltage cable wall plate have to offer? Here are a few benefits you can expect when you install your own:

Easy To Use And Set Up

IT can be challenging to keep all of your tech power cables under control, but recessed low voltage cable wall plates are easy to use and set up so you can manage your low voltage cables for your flatscreen TV and other technology without breaking a sweat. The wall plate can even be installed upright or upside down.

Reduced Accident Risk

When your tech power cables are out of control, there’s a high probability that someone will trip over your cables or your pets will get tangled in them. You can worry less about these accidents happening when you install recessed low voltage cable wall plates because they keep your cables fully secured.

Increased Durability

Recessed low voltage cable wall plates are made from incredibly strong ABS plastic, making them super durable and capable of keeping your home system running seamlessly for years.
Improved design. Recessed wall plates are not only easy to install but they also make it easy to pass your power cables through the wall for simple concealment and organization so your cables stay out of harm’s way.

Looking for cable wall plates or brush wall plate mounting brackets?
It’s true that most Category 5 cables can be bent at any radius exceeding four times the outside diameter of the cable, but with recessed low voltage cable wall plates, you can make managing your cables that much easier.

Buyer’s Point offers recessed low voltage cable wall plates so you don’t need to use brush wall plate mounting brackets for your cables. But if brush wall plate mounting brackets are still your thing, we offer those to. For more information about our low voltage brackets, low voltage wall plates, or ultra high speed HDMI cables, contact Buyer’s Point today.

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