At Buyer’s Point, we have built our reputation as an industry leader in wall receptacle plates over the past 10 years. We specialize in delivering excellent customer service, high quality, and affordable products to design engineers, buyers, and everyday consumers.

Our product catalog includes a wide assortment of electrical components, including wall plates, HDMI cables, and other wall receptacles. We pride ourselves on offering innovative products and unparalleled service to our customers.

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  • Recessed Low Voltage Cable Wall Plate 2 Pack (Bottom Opening)

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  • HDMI Wall Plate [UL Listed] with 6-Inch Pigtail (White) (100 Pack)

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  • Low Voltage Mounting Bracket Device [UL Listed] (1 Gang, 25 Pack)

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  • Brush Wall Plate [UL Listed] (2 Pack) – White

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