Keep The Glamour In “Glamping”

There’s nothing quite like traveling by RV. It combines the freedom of the open road with the luxury of your well-deserved privacy. But “glamping” in a motorhome or travel trailer may come at a cost: square footage.

Within the limited space of an RV, staying organized is critical. An untidy rig can quickly begin to feel claustrophobic and cramped, which is the last thing you want during your getaway. And while we can’t help you cram your whole wardrobe into a three-by-three closet, nor figure out how to feed a family of four out of a mini fridge, we can help you get your mobile entertainment systems squared away.

Explore The Country While Staying Connected To Home

Our wall plates can help you keep cables at bay within your RV’s existing theater setup, so you can kick back and relax in front of the flat screen without any annoying distractions. Our products can also help you add more entertainment options to those hard-to-reach places inside your RV, such as above the top bunk bed, or even retrofitted into your outdoor storage space.

In today’s world, just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you can afford to completely disconnect. So when it comes time to outfitting your RV with internet connectivity devices, our wall plates will satisfy your need to stay online no matter where you are, and without compromising your rig’s clean, modern look.

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