Brush Wall Plate

No need for your cables & wires to cause a mess.

It’s now possible to keep your home or facility looking clean and tidy, without cables running everywhere, while enjoying a top notch HDTV or home theater system. With our brush wall plate inserts, you can quickly and easily run all your cables through the wall without any mess.

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Do You Need a Brush Wall Plate?

If having all the latest technology and accessing the highest quality media available is a priority for you, you’ve probably made that clear in your home entertainment setup. Whether you’ve got a widescreen HDTV or you’ve installed an impressive home theater system, your surroundings should be as aesthetically pleasing as the picture quality you regularly enjoy. But if you’ve got wires and cables all over the place, chances are that your space won’t look its best.

Some people might be inclined to DIY a solution that allows you to hide these wires. But often, those creations are complicated, obtrusive, and time-consuming to execute. There’s actually a much easier way to address this problem that also provides much greater subtlety and visual appeal: the brush wall plate.

Also known as brush faceplates or simply brush plates, these wall inserts can accommodate virtually any kind of setup. At first glance, they resemble an ordinary lightswitch plate. But on further examination, you’ll discover that these plates contain soft bristles. These densely packed bristles allow cables to pass through your wall without causing damage or consumer frustration. Depending on the type of brush wall plate you purchase, you’ll be able to pass through even the largest terminated cables.

Not only does this make for a much more attractive entertainment space, but it also improves the quality of the media you consume. With fewer unnecessary connections to worry about, you won’t have to compromise signal strength or worry about an unreliable connection. For movie buffs, gamers, and executives who require dependable audio, video, and network connections, a brush wall plate offers the ultimate solution.

Given the short amount of time it takes to install a brush plate, there’s really no reason to ever have to look at a bunch of tangled cables or deal with a complicated setup that results in subpar connections. This remarkably simple product can solve all of those problems at once. Never again will you be faced with the scenario of cables falling behind a wall, nor will you feel embarrassed about your inability to hide device wiring. Brush plates can easily fit standard junction boxes as well, meaning that you’ll be enjoying what’s on your screen in no time — rather than being preoccupied with what’s plugged into the wall.

Ready to say goodbye to cabling mess for good? Check out our vast selection of brush plates and start running your cables the smarter and simpler way.