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How Technology Is Changing the Church

Many people may think otherwise, but churches are actually using new technology. As of 2019, 98.97% of churches use Facebook and 77.32% use Twitter.

Churches are trying to engage with millennials and being on social media seems to be the best way to do it. Millennials spend hours each day on their phones, tablets, or computers, so churches are trying to meet this younger generation on their level.

And, why not? Perhaps one of the best ways to reach out to someone nowadays is through social media. Think about the last time someone came to your door and asked you if you wanted to switch your television service or hear about their church. Of course, you didn’t want to talk to them. Here was a stranger interrupting your dinner or favorite television show.

Now, churches can let people know what they’re all about through a less in-your-face approach. With Facebook or Twitter, churches can recruit new members, accept donations and advertise events.

Churches are also using new technology in their services. According to The Clergy Journal, one-third of churches now use video clips during services and over one-third use a slide presentation tool, such as PowerPoint. What better way to relate to millennials than to use the same mediums as they use? Asking them to put away their devices for an hour or more during a service might be too much. Rather, using these devices to engage them seems to be the way to go.

With all of this change, churches are upgrading the design of their buildings, as well. They now need to take into consideration where they will put televisions, computers, electrical components, audio visual needs, and even mounting internet cables.

Mounting internet cables, computer accessories, and internet access have become necessities in most churches so that members can stream videos and access social media during services. Sermons can be broadcast over different platforms for people who can’t make it to services in person. People who don’t have cash or checks when the donation plate comes around can donate online.

Some churches can’t or won’t integrate technology into their services. Some common reasons are that electronic accessories are too expensive, they don’t understand how to use some of the new technologies, or there are just too many options out there. But, churches can now ask members to chip in for new equipment, take classes on how to use new technologies, and consider exactly what their needs are before buying.

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