HDMI Wall Plate [UL Listed] with 6-Inch Pigtail (White)


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  • New Heavy Duty Screw Free Back Connector: No more worries of back connector breaking during install

  • Perfect For Home Theater Systems, Wall port jack great for video game systems, TV boxes, and more

  • HDMI 2.0 Latest Version - Supports 4K, 3D, ARC and Backwards Compatible - Featuring a flexible female-to-female cable, this pigtail outlet plate allows you to quickly and easily access HDMI

  • Quick Set Up Install your 2-piece wall plug insert in just minutes, fits standard wall socket plate

  • Matches Your Home Decor - This wall plate is a standard white color, ensuring it never looks out of place and blends in smoothly with the existing color scheme of your home.

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Discreet HDMI wall plate sets up quickly to allow for neat, safe and convenient cable access

New Heavy Duty Screw Free Back Connector

No more worries of back connector breaking during install. Unlike other Brands or Older Models, this new heavy duty model gets rid of the screw in the back connector that sometimes would break on install.

Avoid a Mess in Your Movie Room

Enjoy high-speed HDMI and data connection in your home without tangled cables and wires making a mess! Your new HDMI wall jack features a built in 6 inch pigtail cable to provide easy-access female to female HDMI connection for your home theater system.

Optimized for HDMI and Ethernet

With this plate you’ll get standard HDMI (720p, 1080i) compatibility as well as the designated HDMI Ethernet channel for all HDMI Ethernet channel-enabled devices. Connect your video game systems, Blu-ray player and more – then sit back, relax and enjoy – all without the need for an additional Ethernet cable!

Quick and Easy to Install

Installs just like any light switch plate – simply fit the cable attachment into the outer casing, connect any cables as desired and then screw into the wall. It really is that easy!

White Color Fits Your Home

To maintain its neat and discreet design, this outlet port is a monochromatic white color – exactly the same as most light switch and power plug wall plates – allowing you to maintain a consistent color scheme throughout your home.

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Does this support 3d signal?

Yes, it is an HDMI 2.0 cable, it supports 4k video and 3D.

Does the white match electrical outlets?

Yes, these match standard white outlets. NOTE it is not ivory but white.

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